Life + Shop Update!

Life + Shop Update!


A year ago, I shut the shop down temporarily in order to move back home to MI with my family following my Husbands retirement from the Army. I had every intention to get home and re-open as quickly as possible. (It's cute how we make a road map for our lives and forget that we really have no control over the steering wheel.)  We starting packing up for this big adventure and life threw us another curveball, "Surprise! You're pregnant... again!"

We were weeks away from packing up and moving, picking up a brand new puppy, starting to build our homestead and settling into our tiny home on wheels... all with 3 kids in tow. To say I was overwhelmed was a massive understatement.

I questioned my ability to ever re-open the shop. How can I do this with 4 kids? I was barely finding the time with 3. How can I do this with no workspace? How will I ever keep up with the ever changing algorithms of social and a family that needs me? I felt guilty for promising a quick re-opening and then ghosting, but I knew it was going to take a lot processing for me to fit all of these new puzzle pieces into our ever changing clown car of a situation.

The kids started school, the pregnancy progressed and we finished our barn just as the snow started to fly here in Michigan. We settled in for the winter and I just knew I couldn't handle the work load of the holiday season in my condition. 

Baby #4 was born at the end of January. She's perfect. She's exactly what we didn't know we needed. She's calm, and chill, and so content. 100% the vibes I was missing in this season of life. You'd never know that her sweet little soul developed during such a chaotic time. 

So here we are. We've weathered the storm. We've settled into a grove. It's a messy groove, but a rhythm nonetheless. I have family and friends who are happy to offer help. I have a supportive group of fellow Grins & Grace Mamas who surround me daily and totally "get it".

I've been feeling that little tug in my chest grow stronger and stronger. It's that little spark that tells me (even though life is completely cray, cray) there's one last puzzle piece missing. 

So, here I go. I'm preparing for the adventure ahead and settling in for the journey. 

Shop re-opens July 28th, 2023! 

A few things will be changing:

  • Processing will be extended to 2 weeks, with 3-5 days for USPS shipping.
  • If you follow me on social, things are going to be whole lot less edited. Life is too busy for me to spend time editing and I think you guys appreciate the rawness. I'm just a tired mom making things for my fellow tired moms.
  • I plan to blog more, share life and more behind the scenes. (It's basically free therapy and I'm here for it.)
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Life throws us curveballs, but it definitely helps build those cat like reflexes that we need to be stronger, and more flexible. You’re doing an amazing job all around as a mom, wife, and business owner. You have no need to apologize for the last year or anything else that might come up in the future!

It’s so good to have you back though, you’ve been greatly missed!


Yay! Congratulations! I have missed your art and especially your shirts!!


Woo hoo! Congratulations & God bless you guys! I too was recently wondering what you were up to! Excited for the shop to open again! xoxo


I was honestly JUST thinking about you and your company last week! What a surprise! Welcome back!


I am so happy for you (and for me bc now I get cute shirts again!)


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